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Help us support the House of Hope!
a home for orphaned children in Lodwar, Kenya


In addition to giving OPPORTUNITY to artists, Gifts on a Mission's second mission is to give OPPORTUNITY to children

One way we are doing that is the development of the House of Hope, a home for orphaned children, in the harsh desert area of northwestern Kenya.  Allow us to tell you a bit about the Turkana people who live there and why there is such great need in this area.  Then, TAKE A TOUR OF HOUSE OF HOPE BELOW and if you would like to help, go to our Donations page to learn more.

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The Turkana people inhabit the northwestern part of Kenya that is bordered by Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. The words "hot" and "dry" come with a whole new meaning in this area.  It's a harsh desert or semi-desert area with scant rainfall, temperatures usually over 95 degrees and severe drought since 1982. The capital of the Turkana District is a small town called Lodwar. Many people in Lodwar and the surrounding remote areas are severely undernourished. The lack of health and education opportunities are hard to imagine, even to people who live in other parts of Kenya. Lodwar is about 3 hours by plane or a 24-hour drive (if you're lucky) from the capital city of Nairobi.

Orphaned children exist in great numbers in the Turkana region just like other parts of Kenya. In these conditions, AIDS is just one of the killers of parents. Tuberculosis, malaria and numerous complications from malnutrition kill people every day. When parents die, the nightmare begins for children. Extended relatives and neighbors are barely able to take care of their own children in these conditions.



One agency trying to help in the Turkana District is SHARE International Inc. They are based in the U.S. but their operation in Lodwar is run by locals who grew up there and understand the people, the conditions and the culture. They have successful programs in education sponsorship for children, teaching adult literacy, providing healthcare, pastor training and church planting. The Lodwar director of SHARE, John Nakara, grew up in the area as an orphan and has always had the vision to help orphans there.  Gifts on a Mission traveled many times to Lodwar to try and help the women who make beautiful baskets (click here to see that project).  At the same time, SERV International, out of Woodstock, Georgia, was traveling there to deliver relief food.  What a miracle for us to meet each other in this remote part of the world so far away from Georgia.  God had a plan all along.  Together, we decided to join forces with SHARE to develop a home for orphaned children, to be called HOUSE OF HOPE.


John Nakara and his team at SHARE designated the many children in desperate need for a home, while SERV worked to make the home a reality.  In May, 2008 we were so blessed to find a 1-year old boarding school for sale about two miles outside of Lodwar.  Sitting in the middle of 33 acres, it is the perfect spot for House of Hope.  SERV stepped out in faith and purchased this compound and land, paying in installments over the next year from generous donations.  In August, 2008 we were able to officially open the home with the first 15 children.  What a blessing!  Just as it stands, there is capacity for 60+ children.  Generous donations have allowed us to pay off the initial land and facility payments.  Now, we are raising funds to take in more children and to purchase various equipment and supplies at the home.

The needs in this area are so great. Add to that, a child who has just lost his parents and the scenario is almost unimaginable. Your donations can help us give these children the care they need to make a future for themselves. Be a partner with us on this project and see how your contributions will have an enormous impact on a child's life. 



Click here for a complete tour of the House of Hope, to meet some of our first children and to see a bit of Lodwar town.

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