Jerich HandicraftsMakers of the beautiful soapstone pieces

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Richard and Jemimah (first 2 photos on left) and their team of craftspeople make the beautiful soapstone pieces you see at Gifts on a Mission. Your purchases help their family and the people they are able to employ. Richard and Jemimah have 3 children and have recently taken in an orphan they are caring for as their own. They live and work in Nairobi but are from the town Kisii where soapstone is mined. They make regular trips there to buy the huge blocks of soapstone. From that huge piece they carve it into the rough desired piece, then shape it some more, sand it and polish it. Once that is finished, they dye it and begin the artwork process by carving the design into the piece. Richard does almost all of the final artwork.  The amazing part is that there is no eraser for carving! Once you do it, it's done, so there is no room for error. They are all so talented and each piece is one-of-a-kind.


To see the beautiful soapstone pieces, click here.