Our OriginHow we began

Jackie and CCRC girls

From Jackie Brantley, Founder

"It all started in a Moscow flea market where I was buying a beautiful, hand painted nesting doll. I said to my fellow mission-team member, 'why don't we buy several of these, take them home and sell them to raise money for the orphans we are working with here?' We knew it would help the artist we were buying from who obviously wanted to support herself in a very tough city. It was a simple concept and one that had certainly been done before, but I knew there was a need to do more.

That was five years ago now and I have learned that God sometimes unveils his purpose for us bit by bit. I also learned that God can speak through a variety of methods. For me it was Rick Warren and his "Purpose Driven Life", several other books about understanding God's will, a variety of mission trips to South America, Mississippi and Russia, dear friends and mentors, and of course His word, the Bible. Then, another bit of His plan, some friends of mine introduced me to a pastor from Kenya who was visiting the U.S. Shortly thereafter I went on a mission trip to Kenya and I knew God was calling me not only to start this business He had been planting in my head, but to start first in Kenya.

I believe that people want to help themselves. They just need a chance, a break, an opportunity. You can give a person money but if they don't have some investment in what they are doing, it won't stick. They will be waiting for the next time you can give them money. I believe this ministry is just about leveling the playing field a bit so that everyone can do better for himself.

The last element is that my passion is 100% children. They have so much potential. Unlike adults, they can't always create opportunity for themselves. They need a "hand up" for sure.

So, Gifts on a Mission was born. Today, we are small but mighty and working primarily in one country. Tomorrow, we will import from a variety of countries and bring you even more opportunities to make a difference. What a privilege! I pray that those I am helping are half as blessed as I am for working with them.

We seek out the best products and the artists who don't have a lot of opportunity for sales. Then, we seek out the opportunities to help children, whether it be building schools, buying school supplies, assisting orphanages – anything that will give a child a fighting chance to grow up and contribute back to his community!"

To the left are a few reasons why Gifts on a Mission exists: THE CHILDREN!