Lulu Life from USAID

From USAID 2


Since 2000, Lulu Works has provided a source of sustainable revenue for the women of South Sudan.  These women have long been the guardians of the nilotica shea nut tree (called lulu in Arabic).  Now, 40 women-owned-and-operated shea butter processing centers making up this non-profit trust.  Over 600 women convert the pure, rich oil of the shea nut into body butter, sugar scrub, lip balm and soap.  Processing lulu oil not only preserves a time-honored tradition and brings income to a region where it is desperately needed, but it also provides an incentive to protect the shea butter natural resource.  Best of all, rather than being owned by shareholders or big investors, the women are given the responsibilities and privileges of running and owning Lulu Works.


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Photo credits: USAID