Nicklin Frames 

Nicklin 1

Nicklin 2

Nicklin 3

Nicklin 4

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Ten years ago, Chris Nicklin, an artist brought up in the coastal town of Malindi, Kenya was inspired by the old pieces of driftwood that washed up on the beach.  So, he bought an abandoned boat from a local fisherman and began crafting frames.  It was to be the first of many. 

Today, Nicklin employs 12 fundis (craftsmen).  The boats – ngalaus or canoes, horis and Arab dhows - are built from various woods including mvuli, mango and mbamba kofi. The timber is full of character and grain - worn and scarred from many years of fishing up and down the coast.  Each frame they produce is slightly different.

To recycle these wonderful hardwoods is essential – 80% of Kenya’s indigenous forests have been destroyed in recent years and only 2% of the country remains forested.


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